Media Release: Corazon and PicSafe Medi Partnership




Melbourne based PicSafe Medi, the Australian company offering the secure mobile medical imaging system, and Corazon Systems have just signed a partnership agreement.

Corazon Systems, a company formed by entrepreneur Sid Verma, is an IT Consulting services provider offering Healthcare professionals (Specialists, Surgeons, GP’s and Allied Health), a ‘Paperless Medical Practice’. With a fresh approach to how medical practices are setup, the Corazon solution allows the company to offer its healthcare customers a secure virtual, paperless and managed infrastructure, elegantly negating the time, cost, management, maintenance and space issues that come with older physically based administrative services.

The Picsafe Medi App and system runs on iOS, Android and online platforms and allows a user to quickly snap a patient consented medical photo and share access to the image with other colleagues. This is achieved within an entirely secure and legally-compliant mobile healthcare imaging system. All captured data resides in an archive on a secure ‘cloud’.

For Dr Ted Carner, one of the founders of Picsafe Medi, the synergy between companies was immediately apparent, “The Corazon Systems business model and the growing, savvy component of the healthcare market moving towards more technologically based administrative and medical tools was attractive to us. As a mobile app based system our offer is naturally supportive of that of Corazon and its market.”

Sid Verma, Corazon Systems Founder agrees with Dr Carner’s assessment, saying that the two companies can provide better administrative and healthcare outcomes for General Practitioners and their patients by working together. “Our system takes medical practitioners to the ‘cloud’. Picsafe Medi supports our offer in that it’s a highly efficient, innovative and secure mobile medical tool that also gives healthcare professionals access to the benefits of cloud services.”

PicSafe Medi and Corazon Systems continue to explore ways to collaborate and work together.


About PicSafe Medi
PicSafe Medi is a mobile photography app and system designed to help healthcare professionals fully comply with electronic health record and patient privacy legislation.

Plastic Surgeon, Dr David Hunter Smith and Dermatologist/Mohs Surgeon, Dr Theodore Carner, contracted the job to Melbourne based app and brand development company – ProjectProject – in mid 2012. Soon after, the team was joined by burns specialist Dr Heather Cleland. All parties saw a critical need for such an application in today’s modern healthcare world.

Pre-PicSafe Medi, no secure, standardised system existed for safely using these devices within a medical setting.

Unsecure usage of smart devices contravene specific federal laws relating to patient privacy.  Such infractions, in Australia, as of 12th March 2014, can lead to heavy penalties, with institutional offenders potentially facing fines of up to $1,700,000 and individual practitioners, up to $340,000 where it can be shown that a breach of patient privacy has occurred.  It is important to note that with the recent passage of the Federal “Enhancing Privacy Protection Bill”, it is no longer a requirement for the government to demonstrate damages in order to levy and collect such large fines.  The Federal Privacy Commissioner just simply needs show is that there was a breach of the patient’s privacy.

PicSafe Medi is available on the Apple App store and on Google Play for Android. The app is free for a period, after which a monthly subscription can be purchased for $4.99.

For further information please contact Picsafe Medi press spokesperson:

Dr Theodore Carner MD, MPH, FAAD, FACD
PicSafe Medi Founder / Chair
Mob: +61 437 687 255

Laura Hogan
Assistant Project Operations Manager
Phone: +61 (03) 9670 9339