No two businesses are similar. Even if they use the same software/applications, there are subtle differences in their business processes that make them unique.

Corazon has the necessary skills and resources to help you customise or even develope that application for you so that it fits into your business landscape. While most organisations suggest that you change your business to suit the application – we think differently.

Keep your business unique !

Corazon offers a wide range of Application Development services.

Web Development


Web Development

Java / Cold Fusion / ASP.Net / PHP / PERL / RoR / Share Point / Google API…..


Mobile Applications


Mobile Apps

iPhone  / Blackberry / Android / Palm / J2ME / Windows Mobile…..


Bespoke Development / Services

Custom Application Development, Testing, QA Services, Testing, Desktop Development and Support



Database Services

SQL / Access / Oracle / Filemaker / Progress and other integrations services..



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