Medical Consulting

We understand that our clients in the medical industry have some unique ICT requirements. Whether you are a Specialist, Surgeon, General Practitioner or a Group Medical Practice – each one has very specific and unique requirements.

  • Accessing your Medical Practice – remotely and securely – anywhere / anytime
  • Automated Backup for peace of mind
  • Offsite Backup for additional security
  • Integrated Scanning of Documents
  • Centralised Storage of all your clinical records
  • Medical Transcription Services


Site System Audit

For existing medical practices, we offer a two hour System Site Audit. This helps in getting a good understanding of the existing infrastructure. During our discussions with the doctor/s, we understand how the doctor would like for his/her practice to run. We then identify the gaps (if any) between the business requirements and the technical capabilities of the existing infrastructure.

This enables us to clearly plan and design the updated infrastructure for the medical practice that will deliver the desired outcome.

Managed Services

Our Remote Monitoring and Management service, keeps a track of your server and other infrastructure as required. Our 24 x 7 monitored support centre is equipped with checks and balances to raise an alarm should something alarming be found on your server. It could be anything from the hard disk running out of space, your backup unit not functioning, a hard disk crash, the processor heating up, server going offline etc.

In most cases, we contact the client and advise them of the impending failure – so that corrective action can be taken. Our Managed Services deliver peace of mind to our clients – knowing fully well that their systems are constantly being monitored by the experts.

Backup / Disaster Recovery Services

It is extremly important for a medical practice that their patient data is secure and available. Contrary to what most people think, there is a direct correlation between convenience and risk.

Unfortunately, taking a backup of your server on a portable USB Hard Drive – is very convenient but also risky. A portable storage device is used to transport data easily between locations – and not serve as a primary or even secondary backup for your critical data.

Our backup / disaster recovery service bridges the gap between convenience and risk, and designs a system that is automatic, secure and reduces manual handling of data.

Cloud Services

There is enough talk of Cloud Services and Cloud Computing. It seems everyone wants to talk about it, but no one is sure if it is relevant for their business. We simplify that conversation and help you identify IF your business is ready for the “cloud”.

Cloud computing can offer increased flexibility, mobility and security to your business.

Talk to us and find out if you are ready to take it to the cloud!