Paperless Medical Practice

Specialist Medical Practitioners have very specific needs. Most work across multiple consulting rooms, remote locations, hospitals, home office and even after hours or on-call work.

It can be intimidating to build an integrated solution can support such an environment.

At Corazon, we take away the pain of trying to identify and work out what is the best solution for your practice. Corazon has developed a range of cost-effective solutions designed specifically for medical practitioners and their staff with a focus on security and ease of use.

Corazon has a solution for both New as well as “Existing Medical Practices”

Read on to find out more about our solution, or jump right and find out more about what we have done for some of our clients!

New Medical Practice

Aimed at specialists setting up their new medical practice, the focus is on building a solution that is flexible, secure and easy to manage. Starting with a clean slate, you are in an ideal position to create something that is EXACTLY how you want it. There is no history of existing infrastructure that has to be factored in.

As a specialists starting your new practice, you will most probably be renting rooms across different locations. You might not have a place to keep your server. Is a “cloud solution” suited for your environment? Flexibility, connectivity and ease-of-use are critical.

We offer a complete end-to-end solution that will guide you through the entire process of identifying and setup the best clinical software, Medicare Easyclaim, Medicare Online, ECLIPSE, Investigation/Path/Radiology Electronic downloads, Scanning, Printing as well as Remote Access / Terminal Services.

Once implemented, as our client you will access to a range of specialised services  –  Corazon Healthcare Managed Services (CorazonCARE), Support and Consulting Services.

Corazon has experience in implementing and managing sites with Medical Director, Bluechip, Genie Software and S4S.

Existing Medical Practice

Existing medical practices, have different challenges when compared to a new practice. Over the years, as the practice grows, new desktops, printers, scanners are added. This creates a mix of Windows and Mac operating environments, different models of printers and not to mention the hardware running out of warranty!

Medical Practices can benefit significantly from reviewing their existing IT infrastructure. While everything seems to be working, in most cases its a case of – if it ain’t broke don’t touch it.A quick system audit / health check often answers some of the basic questions:

  • When was the last time you tried to to a full system restore from your backup?
  • Are you backing up just your clinical software or your entire server?
  • Do you know if your system has been updated with the latest Microsoft Security updates?
  • If you had a system or hard disk crash, how long will it take for your practice to be functional again?
  • Are you sure that your system is protected – against both external AND internal threats?


We strongly recommend a System Audit for any existing medical practice.

We have already implemented medical practices using HCN Medical Director, HCN Blue Chip, Genie and Argus Messaging.

Talk to us and find out how you can transform your medical practice.