Unparalleled Network Security


Introducing a revolutionary way to connect and protect … your “Ghost Network”

The Ghost Network is an engaging, feature packed network between your existing computer network (including cloud) and other potentially dangerous networks like the Internet.

This major point of separation is like a reception area for your office. It takes the brunt of attacks with dedicated services trained to check and monitor all activity to make sure only resources entering or leaving your organization’s private office space are those authorized to do so. Your primary business network(s) is cleverly hidden and moved out of the way so it’s no longer directly exposed (on an in/out bound perspective) to the Internet and other volatile networks.

Previously, the thought of installing an additional network was daunting but here’s the exciting part … all the complexities and costs of doing this have been removed with our award winning software platform – so your Ghost Network can be setup on your networks (including cloud) in minutes. Best of all, the affordability and simplicity empowers anyone to use it.

What’s also amazing is a single installation of this software:

1. Works with internal and external firewalls; and

2. Separately services many different organizations and their users at the same time (i.e. multi tenancy)
This enables you to implement best-practice security AND instantly offer cloud services from your Ghost Network. The cost savings, new efficiencies and enhanced capabilities are realized as soon as you deploy your Ghost Network without replacing anything.

Your Ghost Network is so much more than powerful security product … it opens up all kinds of computer networking and collaboration possibilities so you can experience significant benefits from the connections you create.

Remote Desktop

Remote desktop access provides an organization with major efficiencies and revenue generating opportunities – by enabling remote staff to conveniently access the organization’s internal computers and servers from anywhere at any time.

There are a number of ways remote desktop access can be provided using an array of market products. However, these products have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to things like ease of use, performance (e.g. speed and reliability), cost and security.

iConnect is the “Bridging Service” included with your Ghost Network Platform. It takes all the good features associated with other remote access services and elegantly combines them in a simple to use solution that puts you in total control.



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